Sushi Cat

About Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat is a sports game which was designed by Armor games. Perhaps you have eaten Japan’s unique dish — sushi? If your response for one of those questions. You ought to try playing with this game after. Sushi cat was developed and published by Armor match. It’s a really cute game with vibrant design. He sees a gorgeous female cat at a shop throughout the glass of this shop. He falls in love with her instantly and wishes to get at the shop to be strategy her. But he can not be in because he’s got no money to pay for entry.

sushi cat

More About The Gameplay

Then, the match begins. Your duty is to allow him to pass all of the levels to make cash to come in the shop. In every level, there is a lot of sushi in various orders. You have to shed the cat and he’ll roll down to the ground and eat the ice on his way down. All you need to do would be to drop your cat in the appropriate place so that he can eat as much sushi as you can. To finish the assignment of every degree, you need to produce your kitty eat the amount of sushi which the game needs. In addition, there are a number of things there disturbs you. At the very first amounts, what there disturbs you’re secure, but then, you will find moving items to affects your kitty’s way. After completing the first five levels, the kitty return to the shop to observe that the female kitty, she is not there. She got to the bus to depart. The game proceeds in this manner.

sushi cat game


You move the mouse to select where to drop your cat to create best outcome. To get at another degree, click on the amount of the degree.


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